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Preston Blair

Swiped from theHollywood Animation Archive. A page from Preston Blair’s book. Blair was the animator for many projects, namely Bambi, Fantasia, and Pinocchio. These hands are quite toony with those 4 fingers and all, but still very useful as a point of reference.

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Tutorials2 Guide

A rather short guide, but maybe some of you will find it useful. article I tend to focus on more cartoony renditions rather than pure realism.

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Swiped from The article itself talks about making your own hand sanitizer, but I couldn’t help but notice the nice image of hands. It’s an interesting pose, yet not too complicated that you couldn’t draw it. I’ll doodle it  below: Yeah. Break it down into basic shapes and you can get a decent sketch [...]

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Hands by gr8ball

These excellent drawn hands were found over at: The nice crisp lines are especially useful for copying, which always helps build your own skill develop.

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